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Nutbush, TN
This is the place Tina Turner spent her childhood years.
She eventually left when she could: Nutbush, Tennessee.

Map of Southwest Tennessee

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Have you ever thought of visiting this place? If you don't have to, consider another destination instead. How about Memphis? It is just an hour away from Nutbush, Tennessee! Maybe my expectations were too high when I went there, but my first impression was that this town is outright boring. My second impression only confirmed that thought. And my third impression was that this might even be the most boring town ever. Still, the connection to Tina Turner adds a certain fascination and history to this place.


The Nutbush, TN post office (opened in 1881) closed its doors again after 24 years of service in 1905. This, I assume, was the starting point of a decline that is still waiting for its ultimate anti-climax. These photos don't hide anything, they are a compilation of images as comprehensive as it can get. Don't be disappointed, this is like the day after, this is Nutbush, TN!

Nutbush - Unincorporated
01 - 'Nutbush - Unincorporated'. The 'Nutbush - City Limits' signs had been stolen all the time, huh?
A barn in Nutbush, Tennessee
02 - A barn in Nutbush, TN.
A cotton field in Nutbush, TN
03 - A cotton field waiting for harvest.
Trailer homes in Nutbush, Tennessee
04 - Trailer homes located conveniently near the city center.
Nutbush, TN grocery and deli
05 - Nutbush grocery and deli. The only shop in town.
Nutbush, Tennessee - Birthplace of Tina Turner sign
06 - It triples as the local Tina Turner Museum as well, I guess?
Another barn in Nutbush, TN
07 - Another barn in Nutbush, Tennessee.
Nutbush, TN cotton processing plant
08 - Cotton processing plant. The only enterprise in town.
Cotton waste disposal
09 - Cotton processing waste disposal. The waste is pumped to the other side of the street.
Tina Turner Highway 19 in Nutbush, TN
10 - State Highway 19 between Brownsville and Nutbush, Tennessee, in 2001 officially named 'Tina Turner Highway'.
Modern agricultural equipment
11 - Modern day agricultural equipment.
An abandoned house in Nutbush, Tennessee
12 - An abandoned house near the grocery and deli just opposite the church.
Nutbush, Tennessee Baptist church
13 - Nutbush, TN Baptist church. The newest and nicest building here.
A truck in Nutbush, Tennessee
14 - A truck in Nutbush, TN.
Cotton fields in Nutbush, TN
15 - Cotton fields.
More cotton fields
16 - More of that, there are a lot of cotton fields around Nutbush, Tennessee.
An abandoned house in Nutbush, TN
17 - An abandoned house in Haywood County just outside of Nutbush, Tennessee.
Another view of the abandoned house
18 - A view from another angle.
An old oak tree in Nutbush, TN
19 - Big oak tree in the yard of the abandoned house.
Scenic view onto State Highway 19 near Nutbush, Tennessee
20 - Scenic view on State Highway 19 from the hill the abandoned house and the old oak tree are located on.
Leaving Nutbush, Tennessee
21 - Leaving Nutbush, TN. I doubt I will go there again very soon ...


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On November 20th, 2004 I did it again, I made another trip to Nutbush! On my mind was to find the place where Tina's house once was. To keep it short, I did not find it. What I found was some more spots in Nutbush that were worth a picture. I kept out of the city center and more on the country roads around. Click the 'Trip #2' link to have a look!

... and yes, there is a photo of the spot where Tina's house was. It is on the 'Your Photos!' page!


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